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Mesh Barrier Fencing

Mesh fencing in several grades and colours; use together with road pins for a quick to assemble and durable barrier that is easily visible.


  • Several Different Colours

  • Easy To Assemble

  • Visible Colours

Barrier Fencing - 1m x 50m - Medium Duty - YellowW40.80Y1m x 50m8.0kgYellow
Green Barrier FencingW40.80G1m x 50m8.0kgGreen
Orange Barrier FencingW40.10O1m x 50m8.0kgOrange
Orange Barrier FencingW40.50O1m x 50m5.5kgOrange
Orange Barrier FencingW40.70O1m x 50m7.5kgOrange

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