The Corporate Foundational Principle

Our professional foundation centres around our purpose, the reason for our existence and the bedrock of everything we do.  By working with Meon, anyone and everyone is guaranteed to experience our values.

We're passionate about delivering great surfaces and test our supply chain, our professional development, our products, all customer interaction and every possible transaction by this professional foundation.

Corporate Foundation

How it applies to Meon

Our purpose – to deliver great surfaces – plain and simple!  It’s the 'why we exist', our raison d'etre and what we will do for society

Our mission – the how, the way in which we are going to bring our purpose to pass

Our vision – this is our 'go to' place, our goal, the place you are going to find us, our ‘man on the moon’ dream.

Meon Foundation

Our Values

These are the values we espouse.  This is what everyone has a right to expect from us, both as a team, as a business to deal with and as people.  It’s the personality of Meon that presents it’s corporate face to the people it deals with


We look forward to serving you!