2017: A Year In Review

2017 has been an amazing and eventful year for many people and industries. Game-changing decisions have been made that affect the nation with innovations that have begun to change the way the world.

Changes have been made affecting the nation...

The surfacing industry has seen a lot of this - with innovation being a big topic across events, forums, news articles, and many other connections to the surfacing world. Technologies have advanced tremendously and changes are already being seen on the road network - such as the slow integration of self-driving cars, or the ongoing battle against potholes using specially formulated asphalts. The Autumn budget was also released, hinting at more funding being put into the future of our roads.

Environmentally-friendly solutions have also played a role in 2017, with big announcements being made to combat road pollution. The plan to ban petrol and diesel cars from 2040 was revealed in September, as well as a big push in the support for electric vehicles throughout the year.  The commitment to investment has been proven through a plan to build the world's longest E.V highway, and talks of 'electric charging lanes' being trialled soon.                                               

2017 was also Meon's first full year as The New Meon. After rebranding in 2016, Meon went into this year with one main purpose: To Deliver Great Surfaces


One of the ways that this was achieved was through the release of some groundbreaking innovative solutions.

How Meon innovated the industry

In March, Meon revealed the LineLazer ES 1000: the industry's first high-output battery powered striper. This machine was a game-changer for the line marking industry, as it produced no toxic fumes, had a very low engine noise and allowed for a quick, easy, and reliable job every time. The qualities of the ES 1000 made it perfect for internal facilities where downtime needed to be as minimal as possible, as it could be applied quickly without needing to stop nearby workforce due to potentially harmful fumes. It has now gone on to become an industry favourite and even won an innovation award at the 2017 Traffex event.

HardMaster was also revealed as one of Meon's innovations in May this year. The concrete repair mortar became an instantly popular solution due to its easy installation and long-lasting properties. As it can be applied both indoors and outdoors, HardMaster is not only a great solution for repairing public areas such as pavements and bridges, but also for facilities and distribution centres, as it is an extremely reliable system.

es 1000 hardmaster

Another big step for Meon this year was the HAPAS BBA approval of PatchMaster - Permanent pothole repair system. Products go through rigorous inspection and studying before being awarded the title of 'HAPAS approved', and due to this, it is trusted by everyone within the industry as confirmation of a high-quality product. This ensures PatchMaster's high-quality properties and validates it as a reliable product to use.

The Zirocco surface dryer also saw a big increase in popularity over the year, due to its ability to prevent jobs from being postponed because of bad weather. The innovative machine has been making waves in the surfacing world as it allows line marking to continue through the winter season. Find out more about the Zirocco HERE.

Zirocco patchmaster


As well as releasing all of these amazing solutions, Meon also created a new product directory, which you can download for free HERE.

We got to see you face to face!

As well as launching innovations throughout the year, Meon attended many events to showcase the range of solutions available. Events ranged from highways to facility-based and were held all across the UK. 

The launch of the new Meon was truly sealed when Meon exhibited at Traffex 2017 in April. We celebrated the final integration of the new look with their biggest stand to date, thoughtfully designed to provide the best experience for visitors and to explore every one of Meon's industries in detail. The event was a huge success for all involved and allowed people from all over the surfacing industry to share new technology and innovations that are transforming the UK road network.

Traffex stand stand

Meon also attended events such as the Facilities show, where the team showcased many of Meon's solutions for maintaining an efficient facility, and British Irish airport's expo, where Meon demonstrated the range of systems designed to keep airports safe and in perfect condition. 

This year, we got to visit more customers than ever before! As well as attending these events and different locations, the Meon team traveled to many different areas across the UK to visit you. Some great discussions and conversations were held, all of which have helped Meon progress and advance throughout 2017.

Meon also celebrated many successes this year...                                             

It was a good year for the Meon team internally, with record months being celebrated with the brand developing and progressing throughout 2017. The LineLazer ES 1000 won a Traffex innovation award, and one of Meon's biggest resin projects of the year - The Hard in Portsmouth - was nominated for an ICE people's choice award recently.

Tarleton Bridge - a project Meon worked on in collaboration with WJ and Lancashire CC - won the Highways award for Road Marking Project of the Year 2017 in October.


award the hard


All in all, 2017 was an action-packed year, with the industry facing its ups and downs - but ultimately progressing further than ever before. The future for our surfaces looks promising, with technological advances aiming to break barriers and innovations planning to improve the whole industry. 2018 brings a lot of promise and excitement as to what's next.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout 2017. It's been a great year and we owe that to you.  Let's keep going!

The team at Meon wishes you a fantastic holiday and a happy new year.

2017 in pictures


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