How Do I Apply Dekorcryl?

Step 1

Prior to the application of DekorCryl, ensure you have all the required equipment ready:

  • Broom
  • Gaffer Tape
  • Flat Blade Squeegee
  • Collomix Twin Handle Mixing Drill
  • DekorCryl Kit

The surface should be thoroughly clean and dry with no debris or oil contamination.

Dekorcryl 1

Step 2

Use Meon gaffer Tape to mask out application area. Ensure surrounding areas are protected from splashes or over-runs. 

Open the outer carton and remove the kit contents. Open the DekorCryl liquid compound and stir well using the mixing stick provided.

Dekorcryl 2

Step 3

Pour the liquid compound into the outer bucket. Open the powder compound and slowly add to the liquid. For best results, continuous mixing is recommended.

Mix for approximately 3 minutes on a low speed with the Collomix twin handle mixing drill.

Dekorcryl 3

Step 4

Pour out the mixed product onto designated area and spread around evenly with a flat squeegee to create a level and even finish.

If you have masked out with Meon Gaffer Tape, ensure you remove no more than 10-15 mins after application.

Dekorcryl 4