How Do I Apply Magmaline Plus?

The first step to applying MagmaLine plus is ensuring you have all the necessary surface marking equipment that the kit provides. This should be:

  • PPE
  • Gas Torch & Igniter
  • Broom
  • MagmaLine plus
  • Knife
  • ProTack Primer

Step 1

Ensure the surface is sound, clean, and free from grease, oil, rust, scale, dirt, or any other soiling that might affect the surface markings from adhering.

                                                    Surface marking step 1

Step 2

Pre-mark surface and cut markings to the desired size. Use a gas torch to pre-heat application area removing any moisture and to provide a warm surface to enable bonding of the surface markings.

                                                    surface marking step 2

Step 3

For best adhesion and longevity, we recommend the use of Meon ProTack Aerosol primer prior to application. Place marking in position and use the gas torch to heat. Go over the marking in a pendulum motion, holding the torch no closer than 150mm to the product.

                                                    surface marking step 3

Step 4

You will notice the product beginning to mould into the surface profile and the edges bevel off as it melts. Apply heat until the whole area of the surface marking is fully bonded to the surface. Avoid holding the torch in one place, as it will cause the surface marking itself to scorch. The product can be trafficked as soon as it has cooled to ambient temperature.

                                                    surface marking step 4


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