How Do I Apply Scratchcote?

The first step to applying ScratchCote is ensuring you have all the necessary equipment. This should be:

Ensure the surface is sound, clean and free from grease, oil, rust, scale, dirt, or any other soiling that might affect adhesion.

Step 1

Use Meon Gaffer Tape to mask out application area. Ensure surrounding areas are protected from splashes or over-runs.

Open the outer carton and remove the tin of resin. Replace lid and shake bucket gently to loosen the filler product.

Step 2

Do not apply when the air or surface temperature is below 5°C or when rain, mist, fog, or snow is imminent.

Open the resin and add directly to the filler, mixing continuously as the resin is poured. Mix for approximately 3 minutes with a low-speed mixing drill until thoroughly mixed.

Step 3

Pour out the mixed product onto designated area and spread around evenly with a flat squeegee to create a level and even finish.

When complete use Meon Ultraclean to clean uncured ScratchCote from tools and equipment.

Step 4