With the growing number of internet purchases, warehouse and distribution facilities, or any facility for that matter, are coming under increasing pressure for increased productivity, efficiency savings and improved safety. Our range of marking and zoning materials and application equipment has been a great solution for many.

Retailers are coming under increased pressure to reduce the cost maintenance of large distribution centres, estates and facilities. It is a key area where improved productivity, better efficiencies and improved safety can reduce costs. over the last 20 years Meon has helped facilities and contractors alike with materials, machinery, training and technical support for any surface marking - inside or outside.

You can underline Meon with ‘delivering great surfaces’ Our vision is to ensure asset owners enjoy a surface that's aesthetically pleasing, productive and safe for their environment

Over the years Meon has remained wholly independent supplying contractors and asset owners alike with world-class materials, high-class machines, application equipment and focused training and support - a full 360degree service offering.

Increased staff volumes, increased inventory, increased automation and mechanical movement the surface is one of the most important parts of a facility. A well-marked and maintained surface will guarantee improved cost efficiencies.

The Type of Facilities Meon Work With


Meon provides a variety of products designed specifically to aid safety and efficiency within a facility, improving facility management. This ranges from many different line-marking solutions, designed for indoor and outdoor use, to repair materials for different types of concrete and asphalt. Each area of facility surfacing has a solution provided by Meon.

Our durable anti-slip and line marking paints deliver the ideal solution for marking outside warehouses and distribution centres too.

With high staff, high footfalls and automation a major part of the inner workings of a warehouse, Surfacing is something that can often be a quick win to ensuring people know where they are going and keeping this in good condition and clearly delineated will often reap massive rewards, for efficiencies. 

What We Deliver

Meon provides a wide range of solutions designed to improve the quality of your surface and help improve on lean management. From airless paint sprayers - a simple and innovative way of laying down clear, visible line markings, to an array of paints which are designed to give bright and opaque lines, Meon has worked over the past 20+ years to help set up many corporate sites with the equipment, training, and technical support to achieve a perfectly delineated facility.




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