How Do I Apply Hardmaster?

Depending on which HardMaster Concrete Repair Product you are using, the application process differs slightly.

However, before the actual application of concrete repair, the surface must be prepped suitably to ensure the best adhesion between the mortar and surface. The same preparation technique applies to both forms of HardMaster:


The sub-base should be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring it is free from dust, dirt, and any other materials that could inhibit bond between the surface and concrete repair solution.

If applying HardMaster W675-Smooth only, roughen the surface, removing any unsound materials afterwards.

The surface should then be fully saturated, although ensure there is not standing water before beginning the application.


                                     Which HardMaster are you applying?


                                   Concrete Repair HardMaster Coarse                                           Concrete Repair HardMaster Smooth


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