Improving Productivity, Efficiency And Safety - Small Changes Big Results

Business is under increased pressure to improve efficiencies to all operations. Not only does this provide a competitive edge but helps all through the business from point of sale to warehouse management. Many companies adopt LEAN thinking as a way of managing a successful workflow and it usually starts with a great facility. This was adapted from japanese manufacturing to get the most out of the workforce and facility. Kanbanchi describes this as Defining value from the standpoint of the end customer.

 What is LEAN Management?

LEAN management enables businesses to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety; reduce costs; improve quality; and ultimately, grow profits. Its correct implementation leads to a remarkable improvement in the business’ organisation, workflow and ability to meet the changing demands of their customers. 

LEAN management drives cost savings by eliminating waste and creating an environment of continuous improvement, centred on the belief that honing the system – even in small ways – will add up to significant cost savings over time. For example, the volume of goods handled each day in a warehouse distribution centre is such that even a small improvement in per-item pick time or packing time becomes visible very quickly. 

Once LEAN processes and systems are in place within a facility, they need to be continually maintained in order to achieve maximum efficiency at all times. Breakdown, obstacles, disorganisation and untidiness is counterproductive. Continual maintenance and repair are also important to ensure the safety of everyone working inside the facility and applying the right product for the job.

Benefits of the 5S System

The 5S System is a core concept of LEAN management and it has revolutionised businesses around the world. This has been achieved through its focused and systematic approach to efficiency, safety and organisation through effective visual communication. 

By following 5 simple steps, businesses boost profits by eliminating waste and developing a workplace that functions on standardised procedures, organisation and cleanliness – which they then maintain in order to maximise productivity. 

  There are many benefits to running the 5S System, primarily it is about reducing costs and creating order and motivation in the workplace. 5S makes problems visible; a warehouse should be able to identify and surface issues quickly, address their root causes and prevent recurrence. 

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Benefits of 5S


Combining LEAN management and line marking improves efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Safety starts with clearly laid out floor markings and designated areas for machinery and pedestrians. Line markings maximise storage areas, identify pedestrian walkways and routes for machinery traffic, and also segregate areas, for example, clear zones and loading bay 

Meon have been increasing Productivity, Efficiency and Safety in facilities for over 20 years, through supplying specialist line marking and surface repair equipment and materials. Meon also empower on-site teams to deliver great surfaces through training and ongoing support meaning you are in control. You can read more about that over on our Meon| Working with Facilities page

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