What's The Most Effective Way To Clean My Stencils?

When using stencils continuously there is going to be a presence of build up very quickly, what is the best and most convenient way to get rid of this?


The fastest and easiest way of removing build up from your stencils is to simply soak them in thinners. This can be done either in a tray filled with thinners, or with rags if you don't have a tray big enough. After soaking for long enough, remove the stencils from the thinners and wipe down with a cloth.

You can make cleaning your stencils much easier by ensuring you wipe the stencils with a greasy cloth straight before use, this prevents the paint bonding. Especially when using flexible stencils; you can almost crack off the paint when it is dry.

It is recommended that you clean your stencils as often as possible in order to achieve clean lines every time, this is at least once every three times for larger stencils.

Meon are investigating other removal options, so watch this space for a new innovation when it becomes available.