National Pothole Day was created to raise awareness of the ever-growing pothole problem on our roads.
The Need: 

National Pothole Day was created to bring attention to the ever growing issues our roads face. Created by 'Mr Pothole' and 'Street Repairs' (both campaigners for our roads), the aim was to raise public awareness and encourage people to report the potholes they come across.


After weeks of planning and deciding what Meon can offer that would aid the UK's pothole problem, Patchmaster was selected. The cold-lay tarmac repair material was supported alongside our bitumen-based sealer Bituseal. As well as this, Meon decided to donate pothole repair material (as well as our time) to councils that expressed concern towards the number of potholes our country faces.


The first ever National Pothole Day was a great success, a large sum of people got involved on social media and there was a large rise in the number of pothole reports. We made it our task to get involved and do our very best to bring awareness to the issue, by helping councils to tackle the issues and aiding the public in the quest for safer roads.