Meon Celebrates National Pothole Day 2017

Today (16/01/2017) is the Industry's long-awaited National Pothole Day.

National Pothole Day is dedicated to raising recognition for the quality of Britain's roads, and focusing of getting rid of the potholes spotted all over our surfaces. As quoted from Street Repairs themselves: "National Pothole Day comes at a crucial time when more than 89% of reports made by the public on the Street Repairs website relate to potholes".

The annual event was first launched three years ago, alongside the creators Street Repairs and Mr. Pothole (also known as Mark Morrell), and has since become celebrated nation-wide. 


Sponsored by Halfords this year, National Pothole Day was created to spread awareness for the millions of potholes plaguing Britain's roads. As of last year, there were over 12,000 miles of potholes across the UK, enough to spread halfway across the world. Street Repairs aim is to put pressure on local councils to make potholes a priority when working on road maintenance, and encourage the public to report any potholes they come across in order to not only inform authorities, but demonstrate the large number of potholes that are currently on our roads.

As mentioned in our previous blog: Top Methods of Pothole Repair and Preventionthere are many ways to prevent and fill in a pothole, whilst ensuring it is fast and long-lasting. Meon's PatchMaster has been a favourite for pothole infill, due to its fast and easy application as well as its durability. 

Meon has celebrated National Pothole Day since its very first year - View the case study HERE - and continue to join the fight against Britain's main cause of vehicle damage. If you come across a pothole, you can simply report it for free HERE


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