How Can I Ensure A 1 Day Repair To My Anti-Skid Surface?

Repairing an area of road with an anti-skid surface is usually a two visit job - firstly to repair the surface, then secondly to relay the anti-skid. However, with Meon's innovative solutions, two visits can be reduced to just one. Not only does this make repair jobs easier to achieve, it also reduces labour and fuel costs as well as causing less disruption to the public.

The use of Meon's UltraNuvo helps to achieve this, by sealing off the surface underneath so that the layer of anti-skid can be reapplied without the worry of damage caused by the freshly-laid tarmac. Below is a typical base build up of a surface repair to an area with HFS, and demonstrates how UltraNuvo, alongside other Meon products, greatly improves any anti-skid repair job:

Antiskid infographic


The System:

AntiSkid Bituseal

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BituSeal is used for the sealing of vertical edges between tarmac, concrete, and ironwork and as such it is ideal for sealing utilities cuts and reinstatements.


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PatchMaster is a permanent pothole repair material that has been specially formulated to enable first-time surface restoration, without the need for traditional hot works or large equipment.


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UltraNuvo is a 2 component MMA base primer. This can be applied over PatchMaster after compaction ready for the application of SkidGrip anti-skid surfacing.


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SkidGrip is a two-pack polyurethane (PU) resin system for anti-skid surface dressing. Designed for binding aggregate to the road surface, SkidGrip is very cost effective and allows all repair work to be carried out in one visit.

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