How Much Do You Know About Potholes?

Potholes can be found on streets all over the UK. From local roads to motorways, you are likely to spot a pothole or two on your journey from A to B. Many people protest this through methods such as campaigning, reporting, and even taking measures to prevent the creation of a pothole. Test your knowledge on potholes and pothole repair below:



One of the most effective ways of ridding our road network of potholes is through an effective repair system. Meon's HAPAS-approved PatchMaster H570 is a perfect choice for pothole repair jobs, as it is specially formulated to enable first-time surface restoration. It's a cold-lay material, meaning the application process is quick and simple, and the surface can be opened to traffic immediately after completing, saving time and money throughout the whole repair job.

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Patchmaster H570

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