The Need:

With the ongoing fight to ensure Britain's roads are safe and usable for all users, the need for innovative products is vital to achieving this. One of the major problems faced by authorities and road contractors was long periods of road closures, and long periods of time wasted for curing of existing solutions. The external pressure to ensure potholes were being filled in an acceptable manner, that lasted and was certified was also a paramount need.


Meon was able to provide several boroughs with viable solutions for both short-term and long-term repair and maintenance. With a wide range of products to ensure all surfaces are both beautiful and functional:

• Delivering HAPAS approved pothole repair systems to ensure a permanent solution to roads and highways.

• UltraNuvo supplied to contractors to ensure a fast one day repair

• Fast delivery to anywhere in the UK to ensure product is at site when needed


Along with Meon’s help, highways agencies and local authorities are able to ensure the highest quality in their road maintenance and repairs. Thanks to ongoing innovation and working closely with the local authorities to deliver great surfaces.