After seeing and increasing rise in accidents due to poor quality markings, the local council decided to re-mark the heavily trafficked bridge.
WINNER for Road Marking Project of the Year at the 2017 Highways awards
The Need:

A heavily trafficked bridge in Lancashire had seen a rise in accidents, attributed to poor quality markings on the road and bridge walls. Bright, long-lasting lines were required whilst also keeping road closures to a minimum.


Meon supplied multiple products-including Spectrum UltraLine for the road markings, Spectrum ViaLine for the parapets, glass beads to be used on both paints to provide retro-reflectivity, and new depressible road stud inserts, to improve nighttime safety.

- Since the project has been completed, there has been zero recorded accident on the bridge (30/11/2017)


The overall install was carried out to a very high standard. The final result provided bright and durable markings, which have proven to improve road safety and reduce the incidence of accidents. Working in collaboration with Lancashire County Council and WJ to deliver a great surface.