5 Reasons Why You Need A Zirocco

As the Winter time fast approaches and the weather gets colder, windier, and wetter, line marking jobs are slowing down. This is due to the inability to mark damp/wet surfaces, as the surface will not be able to provide the right conditions for the product's adhesion.

This can have a large effect on our roads, as reinstatement jobs will be less likely to get completed, reducing the overall safety of the surface due to markings with low-visibility. As well as this, the line marking industry slows down, as jobs become more sparse.

The Zirocco Surface Dryer can completely change this. The innovative machine has been making waves in the surfacing industry recently, as it is allowing line marking jobs to carry through the Winter season. The Zirocco brings turbine technology and state-of-the-art mobile electronic controls into surface treatment for the surface marking industry.        


With the need for innovations in the line marking industry increasing as the temperatures drop and rain becomes more frequent, Meon has compiled a list of the top 5 reasons you need a Zirocco Surface Dryer this Winter:

1 - It Saves Time

The use of a Zirocco in any Winter line marking job will save time massively by allowing the surface to be dry and pre-warmed in minutes. Other methods, such as using gas bottles, will produce a dampened air, which therefore takes longer to completely dry the surface compared to the use of a Zirocco, which produces clean, dry air. The need for the use of a gas torch is also eliminated as the surface has already been heated by the Zirocco, therefore 'skipping' a usually separate section of the process.

                                                                          winter zirocco

2 - It Increases Productivity

Like mentioned above, the use of a Zirocco in your line marking job saves massive amounts of time, contributing to a productive workforce. As well as this, the machine can be handled independently and conveniently as there is no need for an air compressor, making the machine lighter and easier to use. The Zirocco is very flexible and can be used by hand-push for smaller jobs or pushed by a Graco Line Driver for larger products, meaning there is no need for a change in machines depending on the job.


3 - It Saves Costs

The Zirocco Surface Dryer has very low operating costs due to the fact that it runs on diesel and uses turbine fuel, and produces an effective job every time. Using a Zirocco also massively speeds up the process of line marking, reducing costs in equipment hire, labour, and any downtime caused by the job. Click HERE to download Meon's free Zirocco cost calculator.


4 - It Is Very Versatile

The Zirocco can be used safely in populated areas as it does not use a pressurized LPG, as well as surfaces used by vehicles such as roads and runways. It also has the ability to be used in both a forward and a reverse direction, by hand or being pushed by a line driver. This makes the Zirocco perfect for almost all surface drying jobs.


5 - It reduces Product Cure Times

As well as drying the surface it runs over, the Zirocco also heats it up. This contributes to the curing of the line marking product laid after the use of the Zirocco - as higher temperatures speed up the curing process. Many times the product/surface is heated with a gas torch to decrease curing time, which is not environmentally healthy and can add extra time and costs to the job. 


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