6 Reasons Why You Need A Graco Linelazer Es 1000


One of the latest innovations in the surface marking and airless paint sprayer industry, the Graco LineLazer ES 1000, presents many benefits to a line marking job that regular petrol-fuelled line markers cannot provide. It's the first of its kind in the industry, bringing a safer and more environmentally-friendly approach to airless paint sprayer jobs.

There are many reasons as to why using an ES 1000 is the best choice for your line marking job. Below, the top 6 are listed to prove to you why you need a Graco LineLazer ES 1000.

1. Perfect for Indoor Use

The Graco LineLazer ES 1000 is fully electric-powered, unlike previous line marking machines which run on petrol. This means that the machine gives off no engine fumes, creating a much healthier and safer environment for those involved in the line marking job. As well as this, the ES 1000 produces no engine noise, presenting a more comfortable and efficient environment to work in.

                                              Indoor use of an airless paint sprayer

2. Beneficial to the Environment

Due to the fact that the ES 1000 runs on electrical power rather than the standard petrol motor, you are actually benefitting the environment by using it over other line marking machines. The absence of any fumes created through the use of petrol makes the Graco LineLazer ES 1000 a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option for your line marking jobs.

                                              Beneficial to the environment

3. Powerful

With an advanced pressure control system delivering consistent spray, and an industry-best pump performance in the field-proven design, the LineLazer ES 1000 is one of the most powerful airless paint sprayers in the industry. It's designed to provide neat, straight lines with ease.

                                              Powerful airless paint sprayer

4. Quick, Easy, and Efficient

The Graco LineLazer ES 1000 is engineered to provide the easiest and quickest results in a line marking job. Its use of a high-output battery over petrol means there is no need to keep refuelling and checking up on petrol levels. Instead, simply charge the LineLazer before use, and use the onboard charger if necessary! The machine itself is simple to use and provides a straight, clean line. The fact that it produces no engine vibration allows for perfect lines on all surfaces and reduces user fatigue

                                              Powerful airless paint sprayer 

5. Perfect for Night Works

Not only does the ES 1000 produce no engine fumes but it also does not produce engine noise. This makes the use of the ES 1000 perfect for night use, where noise is a concern. 

                                              Airless paint sprayer at night

6. Provides Quality Results

Lastly, the Graco LineLazer ES 1000 provides a perfect line marking job every time. With features such as a new innovative gun adjustment design, and a SmartControl 2.5 advanced pressure control system installed, the ES 1000 has been designed with precision and greatness in mind.

                                              Airless paint sprayer results


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